Beginner's Guide: Types of Fishing Rods
Rods: Types of Fishing Rods

Rods: Types of Fishing Rods

Rods: Types of Fishing Rods

There are typically five different types of fishing rods to choose from: spinning rods, telescopic rods, casting rods, trolling rods, and fly rods. Before we go over them, there are two more things to consider before you purchase a rod. Rods can come in one piece or can be broken down into two or more pieces. A one piece rod is a single, solid rod that you cannot disassemble. Alternatively, a two piece rod can be separated and pulled apart about halfway up the rod.

The main reason for mass production of the two piece rod is convenient portability. You can easily transport a 10 ft two-piece rod, but a 10 ft one-piece rod can’t safely fit inside a 4-door sedan. Storage, mode of transport, and your fishing location all factor in to which type of rod is best for you. If you have the space for transportation, a one-piece rod is an ideal first choice.

Rod Styles

Spinning Rods

Spinning rods pair specifically with spinning reels which hang below the spinning rod. The rod guides/eyes (the little metal loops spread out along the rod which your line goes through) also hang underneath the rod and point to the ground when you’re fishing. On these rods, the guides closest to the reel and handle are much larger in diameter than the ones on a bait casting rod.

Telescopic Rods

This is a collapsible rod that pushes down into itself and is designed to fit into small places. Their collapsed length ranges between 18-26 in. makes them ideal to travel with when space is extremely limited. Telescopic are compatible with spinning reels only. They are ideal for campers, hikers, and backpackers.

Casting Rods

Bait casting rods pair specifically with bait casting reels which sit on top of the rod. The rod guides/eyes also sit on the top of the rod and point up towards the sky when you’re fishing. In comparison to rod guides on a spinning rod, the rod guides closest to the reel and handle of a casting rod are much smaller in diameter.

Trolling Rods

These rods are designed to make it easier to pull lures and baits throughout the water column behind a moving boat. Trolling rods look very similar to casting rods as their reels and rod guides also sit along the top. They are generally shorter, thicker, heavier and more rigid than both casting and spinning rods. Trolling rods are ideal for catching monster fish.

Fly Rods

These rods are specifically for fly fishing. They are much lighter, longer, thinner and more flexible than all other rods. Fly fishing itself is an entirely different style of fishing.

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