About Rapture Fishing
"There's beauty in all things nature. But it is the water that speaks to me the most. For this is where I feel I am actually one with nature."
about rapture fishing

Fish. Share. Enjoy.

Although Mathew was introduced to fishing at the age of 4, he vividly recalls the first time he felt the powerful tug of a northern pike and the exhilaration of landing the 12-pound beauty. It was then, at 13 years old, that his passion for the sport was truly sparked. As time went on, it became abundantly clear that fishing also provided him consistent relief from life’s adversities, making it so much more than just a hobby for Mathew.

Motivated by the challenge of becoming a master multi-species angler, Mathew takes every opportunity to educate himself, develop, and evolve. Having always had a knack for teaching, he inevitably found himself introducing beginners to the sport and coaching experienced fishermen. While Mathew’s love for fishing is a key requisite, his unparalleled dedication as an instructor and coach is what makes him and Rapture Fishing so successful.

While it may have taken a significant setback to recognize, Mathew now focuses on sharing his passion full-time. With the support of his family and loyal team, he has crafted Rapture Fishing with three goals in mind: to help beginners avoid some frustration and unnecessary spending, to assist anglers in achieving their goals, and to share his passion in hopes of igniting a similar spark in others.

Ontario Angler Awards

Mathew is always striving to set new personal goals and refine his own skills as an angler.