Beginner's Guide: Tips for Bait & Lure Retrieval
Tips for Bait and Lure Retrieval

Tips for Bait and Lure Retrieval

Tips for Bait and Lure Retrieval

There isn't a special bait or lure retrieval technique for those that are float/bobber fishing. Simply reel it in and cast it back out. For those that are retrieving their bait without a float/bobber, here are a few tips:

∙ When reeling in your bait, you want your rod tip to be pointing more towards the water as opposed to the sky. If twelve o’clock is your head, have your rod pointing anywhere between two and three o’clock, (give or take) depending on your fishing surroundings.

∙ Get accustomed to the weight on your line and how your bait feels when you’re pulling it through the water.

∙ Your weights and/or baits will bounce off, bump into, and snag on the many different structures in the water. This includes weeds, rocks, logs, and such. Familiarize yourself with how different they feel from the strike of a fish. The more you can tell the difference between bumping structure and fish hitting your bait, the more fish you’re going to land. Tuning in to the different things you feel through your rod and reel will help increase the amount of fish you catch.

∙ When you're reeling in your bait, try different speeds, jerks, bounces, twitches, and such. Play with it and note how the bait moves and how the fish react.


∙ This is, in my books, the most important tip I can give you: Always keep your line tight! When your rod has slack in the line, you can’t feel the weight of your bait. Therefore, you’re not going to feel if and when a fish strikes. Tight lines people, tight lines!

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