Beginner's Guide: Best Spinning Reels for Beginners
Reels: Best Spinning Reels for Beginners

Reels: Best Spinning Reels for Beginners

Best Spinning Reels for Beginners

There are many companies that produce some great quality fishing reels. Below I've listed what I believe to be the best spinning reels for beginners. These are great entry-level reels for you to consider starting off with. My criteria is again based on affordability first, then durability, and finally, performance.

For your first spinning reel, I recommend a small to medium-sized reel. Anything between a 30/3000 and 40/4000 model will work. These sizes will match very well with a medium power rod. Just remember, the shorter the rod or the lighter (faster) the action of that rod, the smaller the reel and the lighter the line should be. The longer the rod or the heavier (slower) the action of the rod, the bigger the reel and heavier the line can be. Just make sure you always pay attention to the line capacity for both the rod and reel. It really is the easiest way to keep everything balanced. The perfect balance between a rod and reel is very important for maximum comfort and performance

Top 3 Low Budget Spinning Reels

1. Piscifun Flame
This is one of the most inexpensive, but best quality reels you can buy for the price point. It has really clean casting abilities, especially when casting light baits, far distances. There’s absolutely no give and play in the handle when checking the quality of the anti-reverse feature, which is very surprising for a reel with this price tag. It is truly a low budget dream.

2. Okuma Ceymar
As of right now, this is my personal favourite entry-level spinning reel. It checks off all must-haves a good quality reel should possess. From looks and style to comfort and performance, this reel delivers. In addition to the clean, sleek look and design, my favourite feature has to be its drag system. The sound it makes when a fish starts peeling line is music to my ears. I absolutely love this reel, especially when paired with my 6’6 medium-light action Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2.

3. Pfluger President
One of the best bangs for your buck on the market today. This thing casts unbelievably far, even compared to some of the more expensive reels out there. It’s also really comfortable in weight and very smooth when retrieving your bait. You could buy this reel for double the cost and you’d still be getting your money's worth.

Bonus: Shimano
This is possibly my favourite reel brand of all time and one of the most reliable reels in both common and rare fishing conditions. If you have a solid budget and want an absolutely bad-ass reel as far as aesthetics and performance, Shimano reels should be your number one choice.

Top 3 High Budget Spinning Reels

1. Abu Garcia Revo SX
2. Shimano Stradic Ci4
3. Daiwa Tatula LT

No matter which one of these you decide to go with, you will not be dissapointed. In my opinion, these are some of the best, top of the line, high budget reels that money can buy. Now that we’ve worked our way through the ins and outs of fishing rods and reels, it's time to move onto the next step: fishing line, tackle, and assembling your rod. However, before moving on, I’d like to share with you another option for purchasing a good rod and reel set-up.

Here are my top five combos you should consider if customizing your rod set-up seems a little too much for you to handle at this time. I’ll start with the most affordable, best bang for your buck combo, and work up towards a higher budget machine.

1. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 or Elite spinning Combo - $41.80 CAD
2. Pflueger Trion Spinning Combo - $84.80 CAD
3. Abu Garcia Pro Max Spinning Combo - $93.09 CAD
4. Lew’s Mach Crush or Mach 2 Spinning Combo - $157.34 - $187.96 CAD
5. Abu Garcia Revo X Spinning Combo - Starts at $194.94 CAD

Not all combos will offer all rod lengths, power, and action options, so be sure to double-check the specs before you cash out.

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